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Delivery Information

Shipping and delivery information

In the we are always keen to provide the best products and the most powerful services and we always care to serve you in accordance with your expectations.

What is the expected shipping time?

Upon completion of the application, an e-mail containing the details of the application shall be sent. The period of shipment for any region of the Kingdom shall be 5-7 days.

What happens on receipt?

You are contacted by the delivery representative if additional information is needed.

If the delegate cannot access the address more than once or if the phone is closed, the request will be canceled.

Cannot open the product to see it and then return it to the delegate.

What shipping companies does the deal with?


What is the shipping cost?

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 30 SAR.

Outside the Kingdom, shipping costs vary by country.


Can I request delivery to my home or office?

Yes we can, your address must be clear and your information and your phone number correct and we can deliver to any address you want in Saudi Arabia as long as the address is correct and includes your details. Your contact number should be available.


Can I track my order online?

Yes, you can follow up the application and provide you with the number of the shipment to our customers outside of Riyadh. The policy number will be sent within 48 hours from the time of receiving the payment. This does not include public holidays and weekends.


Can I pay on delivery?

Yes, you can pay on delivery but at an additional charge of SAR 20.