Privacy policy

For your privacy Dear customer, we are very important to you, and we will explain to you privacy policy in a simplified and fast in the ishop5.

Input information:

In the ishop5, we request the following data from the buyer (full name, country, e-mail and telephone number) to deliver the product to the same user. 256-bit to protect client data!

  Only the Store team can handle it according to the site policy.

Visitor and buyer data:

In the ishop5, we collect user data, whether visitor or buyer. This information is essential to the visitor (such as IP address, country, city, time spent on the site, etc.) in order to keep track of the site's performance and improve it to serve visitors and customers.

Communication messages and customer alerts:

The ishop5 is fully dependent on the email alerts system when creating the application, updating the application and completing the application. To provide the buyer with the full details and details regarding his application. We do not in any way send unsolicited or promotional messages that do not relate to the site and the customer's data is not sold or disclosed to any party.